Makers, doers and designers from the North of England.

Max Scotford

Bullion Chocolate
"It's not a normal chocolate bar this, it's been crafted, small batch from bean to bar."

Lisa Maltby
"I love making ordinary things into desirable objects."

James Mulvany
An all-in-one radio platform for today's broadcaster

Paul Farnell

Email Marketing, Email Design & Email Testing Tools

Samantha Deakin

Campus Capital
"A VC firm in partnership with universities"

Faye Savory

Bear Hugs Gifts
"Personalised hug in a box gift hampers"

James Boardwell

"The home of British craft"

Rachel Maclean

"Smart HR software designed for small & medium businesses."

Harry Harrison

Field Cycles
"Handmade steel bikes, from the Sheffield hills."

Jon Dixon

"It's the incidental "delighters" that make the difference"

Mark Goddard

"When someone say's 'we need it like this', we say 'why?'"

Joachim Dreimann

"Power in the UX team is a soft power"

Danny Mager

Gravel Pit
"Hand made glass and concrete homeware"

Elizabeth Shassere

"Linking voices to listeners"

Josh Moffat

Airwave Surfboards
"A fresh brand from the North of England. Rooted in good design."

Will Ferraby

Ferraby Knives
"Designer and Maker of world class handmade kitchen knives."

Thom Barnett

"One thing at a time, as beautiful as possible"

Scott Woodley

"The trusted way to find a tutor"